While In Greece

While In Greece

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White dress, sparkling necklace and a dreamy destination!
I’m so happy that I can finally share with you guys the first photoshoot we did in Greece! It was my very first time visiting this amazing country and it’s a pity considering the fact that I’m living in Bulgaria and Greece is just so close! I say that because I was totally amazed by the devine place and beach we visited. We stayed in Nea Peramos that is a small city between Kavala and Thessaloniki, but spend the days on the most magical wild beach near the city- Ammolofi beach.

Well, how do I start describing Ammolofi beach- clean, calm, transparent water, white sands and less people- a dream! You can see better from the photos what I’m trying to describe, because there are not enough good words to express the emotion of being at this place. I didn’t had time to visit some of the islands, but I bet they’re just as gorgeous, not to say even more magical that this place. On our last day I visited Thessaloniki which is a really great city as well. So, I’m totally coming back to Greece next summer- I have the desire to explore as many as possible wild and beautiful beaches. You know I’m in love with the beach- I can say that, because counting my summer days, I spent most of them on the seaside and no, I’m not leaving near any sea! And as soon as I come back home I start dreaming about other beach destinations and that’s pretty much, where my head is most of the time :D (when I’m not working or studying of corse).
This outfit was the perfect match for this beautiful beach. I bought the white dress for my cousin’s bachelorette party, because we had a dress code in white (another post I have to share with you). And this green sparkling necklace that has the color of the sea is a heartwarming jewelry (if that’s even a term lol)- it’s just too pretty. Do you guys love this outfit? Which piece of it is your favorite?

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 photo amolofibeach056_zpseb8d397f.jpg

 photo amolofibeach041_zps68dc224a.jpg

 photo amolofibeach073_zpsa0b6cc03.jpg

 photo amolofibeach097_zps420ecb9d.jpg

 photo amolofibeach118_zpsc5ef87f6.jpg

 photo amolofibeach134_zps1ebaa40f.jpg

 photo amolofibeach141_zps6e9d2b19.jpg

 photo amolofibeach169_zps97617645.jpg

 photo amolofibeach186_zpsabb83be5.jpg

 photo amolofibeach239_zps46eda319.jpg

 photo amolofibeach243_zps44fa31be.jpg

 photo amolofibeach254_zps1c466f09.jpg

 photo amolofibeach706_zpsbc11312b.jpg

dress- Zara;
necklace- Zara;
sunglasses- Moschino;


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