Welcome To My Rose Garden

Welcome To My Rose Garden

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And the perfect summer make-up for blue/green eyes

I couldn’t miss taking photos with the beautiful roses in our garden. They are so colourful and fresh, roses are one of my favourite flowers.

The make-up I’m showing you today is very fresh and girly and it’s perfect for the summer days. I mentioned above that this make-up looks great on blue and green eyes and that is because of the little trick I’m using. I’ve showed this one before on my Snapchat (@itsmartibitches :D) and I’m going to share it now on the blog as well. Actually, as you can see my eyeshadows are pink and soft brown, I also have some black pencil. To make the eyes look bluer or greener I use purple pencil under the eye. I remember that I bought this pencil when I was in Italy, from the italian cosmetics shop Kiko and the girl who was working there was wearing it. She made me a huge impression, she had these big blue eyes and they looked so amazing with the purple pencil. So, I bought it and tried it on and it’s definitely looking fabulous. What do you think?

I’m usually more into natural make-up and colours like brown, beige and soft pink, but or just a simple black eyeliner, but I like experimenting with make-up from time to time too. I also must mention that I’m wearing Kiko’s lipgloss that lasts 12 hours! Like, for real! A dream come true haha

 photo Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.50.59 PM_zpserw7tm44.png

 photo DSC_0797_zpsw45yrcs8.jpg

 photo 1670418-5616x3744-7_zpsvgceoqb2.jpg

 photo DSC_0815_zpsujnxfag1.jpg

 photo DSC_0837_zpsr4xxyquq.jpg

 photo rosas_especiais_zpsspbtag7e.jpg

 photo DSC_0743_zps8walsgpw.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.59.17 PM_zpsztxbdwkg.png

 photo DSC_0764_zpsn6x1jwch.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.00.10 PM_zpsvduxrb32.png

top- Free People;

foundation- Dior;

eyeshadows- Chanel;

purple pencil- Kiko;

lipgloss- Kiko;


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