When you are travelling in a group, the things that you want to do need to be managed well especially when you are on your trip across the Trans-Siberian railway. You can have the time of your life out of this if you play your cards right. The first step is always to plan your itinerary, and from there you can make a lot of choices that are good for you and your folks.

The Schedule

You have to know how long you will be on the railway, and you should be sure that you have found a convenient Trans-Siberian express tour that all the people in your group will love. They will thank you for booking it, and it will help you have a good time while you are in the region.

The Stops

There are a lot of interesting things to see in the region. You can pick a lot of places to stop and get back on the train after exploring. You could get your tour guide to show you how to do this. You will get to take in a lot of scenery along the route, and it is so long that you will see a lot of very interesting ethnic groups and places. Just decide on as many places as you can find to make a stop.

The People

As a tourist, you want to get to know people on the train because they will make your trip more interesting and more fun. Make friends in and outside the group you got on the train with. You will start having more fun when you have more people to share this time with. You can join together to make one really big group, or take some time to have chitchats over tea with the people that you have just met. The trip is also a time for you to get to know as many people from different countries as you can. They will add colour to the tales you will share to your folks back home.

Eat Well

Exploring a place won’t be complete without trying out its delicacies. The Trans-Siberian trip takes days, so you also need fortify yourself by eating well. You can eat all the local flavours, or you can just eat on the train while enjoying the scenery outside the window. You can combine these two things pretty easily.

Have Cash

You need to have cash that you can use at all your stops and on the train. It will be so much easier for you to get around if you have cash with you. You will save yourself a lot of trouble that you might have if you try to get yourself to a particular event and only have your card with you.

You can go all the way across Russia pretty easy and the things you do on the trip can be a lot more fun by using these tips. Enjoy and have fun with your friends while exploring the beautiful region.


photo by: Ohh Couture


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