Versace for H&M-The Shopping!

Versace for H&M-The Shopping!

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Istinye Park, Istanbul
waiting for Versace
     I’m a real shopaholic!!! As H&M store is going to open doors in Sofia in March 2012, I had to go to the nearest H&M shop to buy the Versace products-so I went to Istanbul! I’ve been many times in this city and I love it! But this time I didn’t go sightseeing. However, I’m going to make another post with pictures of the city and tell you more about my experiences there.
     Now, right to the point-the shopping! I went to one of the hugest malls in Istanbul (I don’t know if it is actually the hugest) Istinye Park. It is a luxury mall with many many brand shops! But as I entered the  mall at about 1 o’clock, I run right to the H&M store! I thank the map of the mall for finding it for 15 minutes! So I entered the shop at about 1:15. The H&M shop there is HUGE! So I turned around and then I saw the crowd. About hundred women waiting for the Versace corner.My shopping there was in unexpected way. When I entered the crowd, which was enclosed, I saw a few ladies who shopped the Versace products. They had bracelets which let them do the shopping first but as I don’t live there I didn’t know about them. So, I don’t know how but I went from the back to the front row of the crowd. The shopping for ladies without bracelets started at 1:30. I thought that they will let as shop in small groups and I was happy because I was first. But no…. they let as in the Versace corner all together! Hundred women fighting for Versace :D You can’t choose models, or sizes, or prices.. you grab what you can! Actually I grabbed many things! The crowd was very insistent and firstly I got nervous, but then I saw two girls pulling one leggings and I started laughing! :D
      Anyway, I’m happy of the shopping! And I don’t know how I got there on time! If I went 30 minutes later, maybe there would be left anything!
     Did you experienced that too, while shopping for Versace???
P.S. These days I’m going to take photos with the stuff I bought from Versace for H&M. :)


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  1. I got there super early and waited in the cold lol! In NYC lots of people were waiting on line for a long time, but I got everything I wanted =D

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