Top 3 Items, You Can See On Most Fashion Bloggers

Top 3 Items, You Can See On Most Fashion Bloggers

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As you may have noticed, sometimes there are items that appear on almost every fashion blog, until you get pissed off watching them over and over again, even if they’re pretty. I’ve decided to make a post showing you the top 3 items I’ve noticed most bloggers wearing. After reading the article,share if you too have seen them a lot, and in your opinion is there any other popular item I miss?

1. Givenchy’s beasts- the rottweiler and the shark

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This is one of last year’s trends. I think, the rottweiler got more popularity, almost every fashion blogger has a post with this t-shirt. Now I see many girls on the streets wearing fake ones. You must know- if they start making fake ones, then it’s really a trend! :D
Here the famous fashion bloggers wearing it:
Chiara from The Blonde Salad
 photo 8208577650_3366410d73_o.jpg
 photo tuularottweiler.jpg
Denni Elias from Chicmuse
 photo Givenchyrottweiler.jpg
Andy from StyleScrapbook
 photo IMG_2869.jpg
Song of Style
 photo 2.jpg
2. Valentino studded shoes
 photo 100510Val2W.jpg
The Valentino studded shoes, we saw on almost every blogger in different colors, with different heel high. Really pretty shoes, here the bloggers who wear them:
Andy from StyleScrapbook
 photo STSC3645.jpg
Blair from Atlantic-Pacific
 photo fahelloagain055.jpg
Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook
 photo Spring-Layers-9-433x650.jpg
Chiara from The Blonde Salad
 photo 8384009052_24f7e81527_o.jpg
Jennifer from Sincerely, Jules
 photo dalla.jpg
3. Zara white skirt
 photo sev-cuteness-blogger-zara-skort-lgn.jpg
This is the current blogger obsession. The Zara skirt is affordable and worn by many bloggers not only the most famous ones. I see many girls everyday with that skirt on Lookbook and Chicisimo and for sure we’re going to see many more again- it’s still in Zara stores!
Andy from StyleScrapbook
 photo STSC8117jlayer.jpg
girls on Chicisimo and Lookbook 
(sorry for not remembering their names)
 photo tumblr_mk8snkjWMq1qasnrqo1_1280.jpg
 photo zara-blazers-2.jpg
 photo HallieDaily-Red-and-White_0.jpg
 photo foolard-www-foolard-com-fucsia-zara-panuelos-bufandas-echarpeslook-index-middle.jpg


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  1. Me ha gustado mucho el post, los zapatos de Valentino en rojo son espectaculares
    y el short de Zara yo lo quiero en negro pero creo que me lo comprare en blanco…


  2. yes! that Zara skirt is making me sick. i see it everywhere. i just think it’s ugly =
    but i really love the Valentino’s!


  3. Great post! and you are so right those are items that you definitely see on all the known bloggers and kind getting old to see all of them wearing the same thing.
    This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it!!!

    Visit my blog!


  4. Ha! This is awkward because I normally don’t buy what everyone else has (doesn’t everyone say that as well) but I’m wearing the last Zara skirt in my latest outfit; but I got it as a gift, so it doesn’t really count as being a sheep ;) Kind of.

  5. Yes I think you have them all. Maybe you forgot the famous Kenzo sweater. I saw him everywhere too. I agree I have seen these items everywhere and even despite that I still can´t get enough of them and I will probably buy the Zara skort too :)


  6. I die for Givenchy’s beasts. I want them both! As for the other two things: Meh. Not for me. Thanks for stopping by my blog btw :) Come back soon!

    xo Ashley

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