Top 10 Weirdest Miley Cyrus Outfits At The VMAs

Top 10 Weirdest Miley Cyrus Outfits At The VMAs

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We all know that Miley is all about craziness and shock when it comes to her outfits and also of course being almost naked everywhere is something natural to her. When I found out that she would be the host of the VMAs I was expecting a lot of glitter, teddy bears, nudity, latex, flower power and whatever, but I must confess that although I was expecting much, some of the outfits still happened to shock me. There I was looking at the pictures over and over again, in search of some logic or style (sorry, not sorry) but all I could think of was „weird, weird, weirder, weirdest!“. And there the idea of making a top 10 came, because it’s fun.

Although, I don’t quite understand Miley’s style, I must confess that she is very successful at wearing memorable outfits. Like, do you remember what someone else was wearing to t he VMAs? Well, now is too soon, so you probably do remember, but what about a month later, or a year- I think some of Miley’s outfits will stick to my brain for life.

Here’s my top 10 of Miley’s weirdest outfits at the VMAs:


This is the most „conservative“ outfit of all. I kinda like the top, yeah why not.

 photo 10_zpso4vhdp8f.jpg


Another cropped top and some lip shaped skirt- that one is pretty descent for Miley too. By the way, that’s the outfit she was wearing when Nicki Minaj called her the B word.

 photo 9_zps6itu65ze.jpg


The clothes are getting less and less and some glitter going on.

 photo 8_zpsbvafxkec.jpg


„Do it“! Put a pig’s snout on your hair.

 photo 7_zpss3rtxxfh.jpg


These sunglasses are shocking…

 photo 6_zpsw4jvxj69.jpg


Ok, here the weird/naked level is getting higher.

 photo 5_zpscj7oqlam.png


Trés confusé. One must pay me A LOT to wear this one.

 photo 6_zpsdlturd3x.png


What is that? Rainbows ain’t square.

 photo 3_zpstyqwfpe1.jpg


I don’t know why this outfit makes me sad.

 photo 2_zpsjjgjellf.png


This is the weirdest to me. Are these macarons? Does she see through these sunglasses? Many mysteries unsolved here. Definitely winning the chart.

 photo 1_zpsesjbsbsh.png

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