Three Things I Loved In Fashion

Three Things I Loved In Fashion

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Focus on: The three things I loved in fashion recently
I’ve decided to make this post in order to show you the three things I loved the most in fashion the past few days. These campaigns inspired me and that’s why I wanted to share them with you. Take a look at them and tell me with one is your favorite?

When Cara met Kate
Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss are the faces of Burberry. Well, when these two gorgeous ladies are wearing nothing but the best trench coats in the world, we can only use one word to describe this campaign- beautiful!
 photo 1607010_777659948940032_5201362673958893170_n_zpse46e0c16.jpg
 photo 10620519_777199218986105_2687891046046135705_n_zps7bffdf4d.jpg
 photo 1535635_777659798940047_4002305317166982753_n_zps02801e7e.jpg
 photo 984214_777566288949398_9178065422972733236_n_zps5510732e.jpg
 photo 16072_777659888940038_3276140341950900494_n_zps84fe8107.jpg
 photo 10660358_777659842273376_8000224371578818522_n_zps92b8ad44.jpg
Rihanna for Vogue Italy
The pop princess is on the cover of the Italian Vogue for the very first time. I’m totally in love with her crazy photoshoot!
 photo 10552633_10152532059181676_4025210226146136423_n_zps31c05753.jpg
 photo 10533448_10152532059196676_711752022867943759_n_zps06ba3d33.jpg
 photo 10606522_10152532059186676_4723731306058964612_n_zpse98dde30.jpg
 photo 10636295_10152532059191676_1710630474467027922_n_zps7914506e.jpg
Rita Ora for Adidas
From black and white to this multi colorful collaboration between Rita Ora and Adidas! I love it how sportswear is getting more and more fashionable!
 photo 10616384_10152316715673601_5539602709082605133_n_zpsa4d046ac.jpg
 photo 10454524_10152316709908601_4356333719602661711_n_zps71e6a2e0.jpg
 photo 10660258_10152331114228601_9199222382001986717_n_zpsba850b3d.jpg
 photo 10649550_10152323308283601_7410829722291866051_n_zps693d2258.jpg


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