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  I'm wearing: coat- Choies.com leggings- Zara; sweater- H&M; bag- Celine; shoes- Michel; sunglasses- Dior; Shop this look:

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Comfortable yet chic outfit for everyday: Удобен и шик аутфит за всеки ден: I'm wearing: blouse- Mango; skirt- Bershka; sunglasses- Dior; bag and keychain- Gucci; shoes- local shop; Shop this look:

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    23Today I'm turning 23! The sun is shining, there are no snow storms and I couldn't be happier about it! I'm going to...

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      …and ripped jeans and leatherAnd of corse me felling absolutely experimental with this outfit that doesn't look like any of mine. But I did...

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        When you are travelling in a group, the things that you want to do need to be managed well especially when you are on...

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      I have this blog from almost 4 years and I've never made an article or a video sharing some personal details. I did share...