Single bells, single bells, single all the way…

We all know that both being in a relationship and being single have their good and bad sides. But as time goes by and you get older, all your friends get in serious relationships, get engaged, get married and have children and you might be starting to feel like you want to live the adult life too, and actually commit to another human being. Well, if you don’t feel like you want to be in a relationship, then that’s fine too- no one should feel pressed to do what they don’t feel like doing. But, if you’re struggling to find a special someone from a while, and you hate to spend these holidays single again- this article is just for you.

Being single might not suck all the time, but being single on holidays is a little worse. Especially, when you sit on the Christmas dinner table with your whole family and you have to explain “why you haven’t met someone yet”, “how is that possible” and “don’t you want to start a family” and at the end of the conversation, you receive my favorite annoying reply, that is supposed to make you feel better: “don’t worry, next Christmas you’ll be with a +1 at this table for sure”.

Then you also see all the couples on social media, posting Christmas pictures with their other half with caption “all I want for Christmas is you” or “the best Christmas gift is your love” and although it’s corny, you wish, you could say that to someone too.

Well, except for the fact, that you don’t have to buy an extra expensive gift for your partner and you’ll save some money, there are not really much more benefits from being single during the holidays. We all know that nowadays, it’s a bit complicated to meet many new people in real life. I mean, if you haven’t found your partner already in school, university, work or through friends- there aren’t many other good opportunities to meet someone new. Even on places like bars and clubs- people nowadays are not very much into talking to strangers, and just stick to their group. The gym? Well, it’s a bit uncomfortable to interrupt someone with plugged in earphones. Stop a stranger on the street and you might be called a creep or desperate.. So where does that leave us? The Internet.

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By the Internet, I mean mostly dating apps- it’s really the easiest way. There are tons of dating apps now, but my personal favorite is Badoo, because it’s really simple and easy to find fun people to chat with, who are also nearby, so you can as well arrange a date, if you’re a real match. Usually, the most frustrating thing about talking to a stranger for the first time is that, you don’t know what their reaction will be: are they single, are they looking for someone to date, do they think I’m attractive? The answer to all these questions is “yes” on Badoo-people made a profile on this app because, they, just like you, would like to meet their soulmate, and they swapped right, because they think you’re attractive.

Creating a profile on Badoo is super easy, but getting the attention of the serious guys you want, and making a good impression on the first date requires a little more expertise. That’s why I will give you a few fashion advices on how to look like a cool, but down-to-earth girl, who is looking for something serious.

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On the app

You can only upload a few pictures and a short description about yourself to make the first online impression. You better use high quality pictures of yourself only, not group photos, so it’s clear who you are and how you look. Stick to beautiful, sweet and funny pictures and nothing too revealing, or too sexy.

Another good example: If you like traveling and you have nice pictures from your favorite places around the world, they would be a great addition, because they will impress and attract guys who share your passion for traveling too.

As for the description you can simply tell a few important things about yourself and if you have some funny line you’d like to add, that would be great.

My most favorite option in Badoo is the “Lookalike finder”, which means that if you have a type, or celebrity crush, you can date him! See more about this innovative option in this video:

With all that been said, here are the most important tips while using the app:

DO: Upload beautiful high quality photos, travel photos, pictures doing your hobbies, write a funny description, mention your passions/ hobbies.

DON’T: Upload too sexy pictures, group images, pictures of celebrities or others, look/sound desperate, mention marriage and kids in your description.

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On the real date

There are three important points when we talk about your looks on a first date: clothes, make-up, hair. At we will go into depth for each:


Dress to impress. But by that I don’t mean overdress. It’s no secret that 95% of the straight guys are not huge fans of extravagant, extra fashionable clothes and although you may be a fashion diva, you might want to calm down on a first date. Now, I don’t mean wear something boring that is not you at all, but you know keep it simple, tasteful and sexy.. but not too sexy.

How do we do that? First of all, if you’re not meeting directly in the restaurant/café/cinema, always ask where you’re going and what is the date plan. You need to know that to avoid wearing black leather mini skirt and stilettos in the cinema or in the park and sneakers in a fancy club, or worse, at the opera or ballet. It’s much better when you feel comfortable in your skin, or in this case in your clothes and shoes.

DO: Wear simple color combination- black, white, jeans, wear comfortable and pretty heels (except if you don’t go hiking or else), or wear flats, if you feel better in those (but not your old, dirty sneakers), wear a red dress (scientist say it makes women more attractive to men, and who can argue with scientists).

DON’T: Dress too extravagant, wear all the rainbow colors at once, wear too revealing dresses- too short or with huge cleavage, or worse: both, overaccessorize, wear all pink outfit (guys feel strange about this).



Same rule: nothing too extravagant. Now pay extra special attention to make-up, because guys actually hate it, or at least they say so. But don’t go with bare face neither (God forbid). Actually most men can’t really tell, you even have make-up on, if you do it very simple. They will only notice your make-up, if you over exaggerate.

Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear anything more than a mascara- sure you can put on some sexy eyeliner, beautiful lipstick or highlighter on your cheeks, just the right amount and color for your skin. And if you go for bold lips, leave the eyes simple and vice a versa (actually that rule must be your everyday rule.)

DO: Wear a little bit of eyeliner, wear little or no color lip gloss/ lip stick, plug your eyebrows, use contour and highlight.

DON’T: Over exaggerate, put on red blush, use a lot of colorful eyeshadows, leave your foundation unblended with your neck, go with fully bare face, go with hairy eyebrows or with overdrawn fake looking ones.


Yes, you guessed it: same rule applies here too- nothing too extravagant. Actually the best option is to just let down your hair- straight or wavy: the way you love it most!

Don’t go for complicated hair styles, like you’re going on a wedding, or at the other extreme with dirty, oily or unkempt hair or messy bun- if you don’t have time to wash your hair and even dry shampoo can’t save you, better cancel the date.. seriously.

DO: Get a blowout, wear your hair like you do most days and the way you like it the most.

DON’T: Wear an updo or complicated braids, go with messy or dirty hair, have grown undyed roots (yes, it’s obviously not balayage).



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