Rainy Rome

Rainy Rome

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All of you who have tried to take pictures in the rain, know how hard that is. Your hair goes bad, your outfit is getting wet and the photographer hopes to take a photo that is actually on focus. I usually avoid taking pictures in the rain, simply because the quality sucks (that’s why my pants look strange in some of the pictures), but when you’re in Rome and you left your best outfit for the last day- rain, snow, thunders- you take the photos! Yes, we did check the forecast the day before and it said that there’s a possibility of 30% for some rain. Well, it was 100% pouring cats and dogs for hours.

Anyway, we tried our best and we found this cute street in Rome that was very calm, probably because of the rain, to take our pictures. I love this outfit I’m wearing, it’s one of my favourite for this fall. I bought the cute, small, red bag form a local shop in Rome, because I was imagining this black and white outfit with a red accessory. Red shoes were my first idea, but as I didn’t bring mine in Italy, I’ve decided to buy a bag. Do you guys like this combination?

Also, off the topic, I must say that in my opinion Italian bloggers are the most patient. You guys, your internet sucks :D Every time I’m in Italy, I have problems with the Internet. No matter if I’m in a hotel, at home or anywhere- the internet is slow, if there is any. And it’s quite difficult to find wifi in public places, like the subway doesn’t have and most restaurants won’t let you know the password. Some hotels make you pay for it. Or maybe it’s me going to such places with bad internet, I don’t know :D

 photo DSC_0557_zpspjxuyu1d.jpg

 photo DSC_0549_zpsekn1yob1.jpg

 photo DSC_0483_zpslkbxfuxc.jpg

 photo DSC_0501_zpspje9kjdd.jpg

 photo DSC_0476_zps2lbcntta.jpg

 photo DSC_0468_zpsdkir1hnd.jpg

 photo DSC_0462_zpsj7qa00bf.jpg

 photo DSC_0409_zpssq2jmwte.jpg

 photo DSC_0380_zpsbmqtmu7p.jpg

all outfit- Zara;

bag- Italy local shop;

Get this look:

Elizabeth And James James Small Cross Body Bag - Adzuki Bean


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