Pink, Black And Silver

Pink, Black And Silver

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If I have to name one fashionable item that I’ll never get tired of, that should be the sharp shoes. I would love to wear them in any colour, material and type. Metallic shoes tend to be really trendy this season and I totally adore them.

I must say that I’ve always been a fan of pink sweaters, but I didn’t own one in a long time. I actually love pink colour, but I don’t really wear it much. i found this cozy, soft pink sweater in a website with huge variety of fashionable pieces on affordable prices. Now, the sweater is even on sale!

P.S. I’m happy to be featured in Global Garbs’ „7 Days of Style“ rubric, you can read my blogger tips and go through 7 outfits for different occasions HERE.

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sweater- (SAME HERE);

pants- Mango;


bag- Chanel;

shoes- Michel;

Get this look:


Turtleneck Zipper Pink Sweater Black Back Pocket Skinny Pants Studded Leather Biker Jacket What Goes Around Comes Around Chanel Full Flap Bag (Previously Owned) - Black


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