My Trips

My Trips

Dear Diary,
I love traveling, a lot! I visited many beautiful cities, before having this blog, so I decided to put my favorite photos in this post. Enjoy :)
Milan, Italy
Montreux, Switzerland
the statue of Freddie Mercury

Geneve, Switzerland

Paris, France

Heidelberg, Germany
Munich, Germany
Rome, Italy
Beijing, China
Istanbul, Turkey
I can’t really say which of these amazing cities is my favorite- they’re all gorgeous! I was very fascinated by China, because it’s so much different from the European culture. I loved Paris and Milan from first sight- fashion capitals right! Rome is must see too! When I was in Switzerland and Germany the weather was rainy, typical for these countries, but I enjoyed them anyway. And I’ve been many times to Istanbul, because it’s near my country- it’s an amazing city too. 
As I said, I want to travel all over the world :D But I think that one of the next cities I’m going to visit is London, Barcelona or New York, or I hope so! I’ve also, always wanted to visit  an island with a beautiful beach, well will see!


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  1. Great photos!! I also love travelling, it’s a nice feeling; you go and visit other cities and countries.. but I wish I could travel a little bit more. Kisse :))
    xx Iza

  2. wow you really have been to some fantastic places. i would love to go to italy myself. it is definitely on my list of places to visit! it is really cool that you had such a lovely time in china as well. i think you are very right, it must have a special atmosphere and feeling to be there since it is very different than european countries. and yes, germany is so rainy :( sometimes it makes me sad but it makes the sunny days that much more special. you should really try to make a trip to berlin if you have not already. it is such a great city!

    <3 rae

    pop by if you have a moment darling.

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