My Fall Cosmetics List From Beautyspin

My Fall Cosmetics List From Beautyspin

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When it comes to cosmetics I like picking everything I put on my skin really careful. Some brands have great make-up, others have good creams and some have amazing perfumes- the diversity of brands we have nowadays is huge, and everyone can find what’s the best for them. For me the most important thing when I’m choosing make-up product or a cream is this product to be good for my skin. And when we talk about make-up I’m always looking for products that are less likely to harm and dehydrate my face. I personally like to invest in high cosmetics, because they have better effect and also because I use them longer. But when when I’m chosing make-up tools for example or nail polish, I look through low cost brands.

I’ve noticed that shops usually can’t give us all that diversity of cosmetics- often one shop is concentrated only in expensive brands for make-up and perfumes, other shop has huge variety of white cosmetics but a poor choice of make-up and others are focused mainly in hair products. So, I usually have to visit several different shops in order to find everything I need. Well, as a working young lady I don’t always have all this time, so I like to enjoy the advantages of the internet.

When it comes to cosmetics I like to trust a website with huge variety of make-up, white cosmetics, perfumes, hair products, oral care, sun and tan and everything you can think of! In Beautyspin you can choose from tons of products from famous brands- low cost and luxurious ones. You can save yourself the trips to all cosmetics shops and simply order everything you need online. Which is what I’m going to do these days. Beautyspin also has some really good sales that shouldn’t be missed like the discount perfumes you can find in their shop.

In this article I’m showing you my Fall list of cosmetics from with the products I’d like to purchase:

*За да пазарувате от България може да ползвате българския еквивалент на Beautyspin,

1. Flora by Gucci perfume

 photo GUCFGGW_AEDT_zpsfjnvhi7z.jpg


2. Decléor Aroma Sclupt Body Cream

 photo DECARSW_KBOC10-2_zpsfo8memzo.jpg


3. Decléor Harmonie Calm

 photo DECHACW_KMSK10-2_zpsbwuk6nga.jpg


4. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle body oil

 photo CHACOMW_DBOI10_02_zpszwx697p2.jpg

5. Dior Eclat Satin foundation


 photo CHDSESW_KMUP30_zpsrok3ixjh.jpg6. Lancome lip gloss

 photo LAMJUTW_KLGL09_02_zpsuua0ugnj.jpg

7. Clarins blush for cheeks and lips

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.16.27 PM_zpsjnajwfo1.png


8. Dior Blackout mascara

 photo CHDDSBW_KMSC10_zps050ppidn.jpg

9. Dior Addict lipstick, colour 680

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.15.32 PM_zpsqvrpvlxk.png

10. BrushArt Face cometic set

 photo BRUFACW_KSET20_zpspjrfffl3.jpg


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