My Best Summer Outfits

My Best Summer Outfits

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    Goodbye Summer!

    This article is dedicated to my favorite season- Summer. As now we’re officially in Autumn and the weather is getting colder and colder, I thought that this is the perfect time to make this flashback post, in order to put together my best outfits and moments from the hottest season. Summer 2014 was really great- full of joy, new experiences and a lot of traveling. I can say that this summer my blog transformed into a travel blog, which only makes me happy, because I love traveling and sharing my experiences with other people who have the same passions like I do.

    This Summer I visited the gorgeous Paris, I spent one month and half around in Italy- mostly on the beach, I also visited the Bulgarian black sea two times and at the end I went to the magical Greece with the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen! If you’re following my blog, you must know that I’m such a beach lover and that’s one of the main reasons I love Summer so much. Well, also for the hot weather, less clothes, long days and fun nights.

    Anyway, here are my selected best Summer outfits, so enjoy this precious post. I’m so happy for sharing these experiences with you! Tell me which of my Summer outfits is your favorite?

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     photo 10589022_10203668989038360_156257759_n_zps28f3e659.jpg
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     photo DSC_0587_zps803bf9a1.jpg
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     photo DSC_0277_zps15f39e57.jpg
     photo DSC_1256_zps2eb2b9d6.jpg
     photo DSC_0089_zps85c079cf.jpg
     photo DSC_0351_zps3fa16546.jpg
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