Milan Fashionweek: Street Style At Giorgio Armani’s Fashion Show

Milan Fashionweek: Street Style At Giorgio Armani’s Fashion Show

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I went super early at Giorgio Armani’s fashion show to photograph every stylish person I see. I took so many photos and it was really hard to choose only the best ones. 
At the bottom of this article you will see photos of 2 Giorgio Armani looks from the show, collection f/w 13/14.
Отидох супер рано на модното шоу на Giorgio Armani, за да снимам всеки стилен човек, който срещна. Направих толкова много снимки, че ми беше доста трудно да избера най-добрите.
На края на тази статия ще видите снимки на два от аутфитите на Giorgio Armani, колекция есен/зима 13/14. 
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 photo DSC_0261_zps2c3fa7cc.jpg  photo DSC_0265_zpsa7c40ff0.jpg  photo DSC_0275_zpsa09aa512.jpg

Preview of Giorgio Armani’s looks from collection fall/winter 2013/2014
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 photo DSC_0430_zps331bc250.jpg
 photo DSC_0410_zpsfc62eeac.jpg
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  1. It must have been amazing to see all those people live and be on the fashion show..
    I’m jelous!! ;)
    You have a great blog!!
    xoxo, Rosie

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