Make-up Trends 2016: Brown And Red Make-Up Tutorial (VIDEO)

Make-up Trends 2016: Brown And Red Make-Up Tutorial (VIDEO)

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One of my resolutions for 2016 was to make more videos for my Youtube channel. And I started working on it from January, yay!

I actually created a new Youtube channel, because my previous is more like a personal one- I used to upload some videos that we did in the university and stuff like that and I didn’t want to delete them or mix them with the videos I make for my blog. You can subscribe to my new Youtube channel, I promise I will be more active!

I won’t be showing only make-up tutorials, but anything I have in mind. I don’t know why I started with make-up- maybe because I’ve never did a video about beauty before.

I’ve decided to film just make-up that I like right now. I’m really into dark brown lipstick for this season and I love mixing it with red. I’m showing you my way to do brown-red lips that also has ombre effect. I also did some simple brown-red eye make-up that would match the lips.

Since, I’ve already experienced Youtube „taking over“ or even deleting my videos, because I use someone else’s songs (songs by famous artists), I had to make the music myself :D

First time, for many things here, check out the video and let me know your thoughts:



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