Leopard makeup for 10 mins!!

Leopard makeup for 10 mins!!

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This is not carnival makeup or something. It’s very clean and it can be done in 10 minutes. You can wear it at night or if you’re more extravagant also at day. It looks good with gold, leopard, beige and brown clothes.
Now, I’m going to show you step by step how I’ve done my leopard makeup =)
Step 1
Put on your foundation. I used Maybelline affinitone with SPF 19, number 32
I always put my foundation with my hands. But you can do it your way, anyway.
Step 2: put on your powder. I used Kiko, Milano
Step 3: take some other white powder to cover your dark circles under the eyes. I used Chanel.
Step 4: take light beige eyeshadows. I used Chanel eyeshadows.
I always put on my eyeshadow with makeup brushes. To put the beige base I use a bigger one.
The base is ready!
Now find some dark brown eyeshadows. I used Helena Rubinstein 06
Put the dark brown color in the back of your eyes.
Step 5: put black pencil to contour the upper part of your eyes. I used Bourjois black pencil.
Step 6: find gold eyeshadows and thin brusher to put the eyeshadow under your eyes. I used Chanel.
Now you have to look like this :D
Step 7: to make the leopard, you need black eyeliner. I used Seventeen pro liner. Well, I have to say that I’m not very good at drawing, so it’s enough to make some small semicircles over the gold eyeshadow which you have already put under your eyes.
Now I put some shinning beige-gold eyeshadow under my eyebrows and in the inner corner of my eyes.
Step 8: put your mascara. I used Clinique.
step 9: finish your makeup by putting on your blush. I used Clarins 02 soft peach and Mac brusher. I love peach blush!
No sorry, you’re not finished until you don’t have lipgloss!! :)) So step 10 is to put on your lipgloss, to this makeup I suggest colorless gloss :) I used Maybelline.
Now you’re ready!!!
BE A TIGRE!!! =)


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