Last Summer Beach

Last Summer Beach

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Beach paradise in Greece

This is another article from my latest beach vacation for this summer in Greece. I already said in my previous post that I’m amazed by the wonderful beaches there and I’m totally going back to Greece next summer to explore more beautiful nature. These photos are taken on the wild Ammolofi beach, which was a pure paradise.

Ammolofi beach is separated on two parts by the big rock I’m standing on in these photos. What’s really strange is that the beach looks different on it’s two sides. The pictures from my previous post there were taken on the calm side of the beach, where the water looked like a lake- absolutely clean, transparent and calm- it was surreal. These pictures are taken on the other side of the rock- there were waves and the water wasn’t that calm. I had super fun playing with this colorful scarf, do you guys like the photos?

 photo amolofibeach477_zps7961bd1a.jpg

 photo amolofibeach487_zpsf414fcb2.jpg

 photo amolofibeach465_zpsfa0763f7.jpg

 photo amolofibeach462_zps8e1cdd8f.jpg

 photo amolofibeach458_zpsc18ff1ed.jpg

 photo amolofibeach428_zps01d13d2b.jpg

 photo amolofibeach427_zps9a5bf6cd.jpg

 photo amolofibeach415_zps11a39ed5.jpg

 photo amolofibeach404_zps58f8229b.jpg

 photo amolofibeach325_zps292505fb.jpg

 photo amolofibeach321_zps6a8cd62d.jpg

 photo amolofibeach668_zpsaf457d7d.jpg

 photo amolofibeach631_zpse09b5615.jpg

 photo amolofibeach600_zpsd9230d33.jpg

 photo amolofibeach597_zps13e16675.jpg

 photo amolofibeach557_zps4cc11c8d.jpg

 photo amolofibeach687_zps1ba4871d.jpg

swimsuit- Benetton;
sunglasses- Moschino;


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