INSPIRATION: Gigi Hadid’s Style. SHOP Her Best Looks And Fashionable Pieces.

INSPIRATION: Gigi Hadid’s Style. SHOP Her Best Looks And Fashionable Pieces.

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid became one of the most talked about IT girls the past year. She has an amazing sense of style- with her great street style and amazing red carpet looks, Gigi now is every fashion girl’s favourite icon.

What I love about her is that she’s always super natural and she looks cool without trying so hard. Or at least it looks like that. In this article I’m showing you my favourite Gigi looks and I also picked some pieces and I’ll give you advise on where to shop them. Getting Gigi Hadid’s style is not that hard as she is a fan of casual chic outfits, she wears a lot of jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, leather jackets and well, a lot of beige shoes.

Here are some of the best Gigi outfits:

 photo gigi-hadid-style_zpsy6ytk184.png

 photo gigi-hadid-style-beige-dress_zpscko7ognn.png

Maybe every celebrity, like every normal person, has her favourite fashion pieces and a huge variety of them in her wardrobe. I found 2 key Gigi Hadid pieces.

Key pieces:

Beige shoes

And especially, the beige sharp shoes that we saw Gigi wearing with almost everything. Beige shoes and colours near your skin tone, actually make your legs look longer. Not that Gigi’s legs are not long enough, but still those shoes make them even longer! We notice that the model loves combining white and beige- one of my favourite combinations too. I don’t know if I wear much of it, but every time I see someone dressed in beige and white, I just adore it!

 photo gigi-hadid-beige-shoes_zpsye1vyd0p.png

Here are some adorable, fashionable, beige shoes that you can purchase:

Beige Point Toe Patent Leather High Heeled Pumps Apricot Corrected�Grain�Leather High Heeled Shoes Beige Lace Pointed Flat Shoes Beige Pointed Strappy Tie Up Heeled Shoes


White ripped jeans

Gigi obviously adores those jeans. As I already mentioned she’s really into wearing white and looks great on her. The white ripped jeans are really trendy and would always look fashionable.

 photo gigi-hadid-white-ripped-jeans_zpsuillrmkf.png

Here, the best white ripped jeans I found in stores:

White Slim Ripped Denim Pant White Skinny Ripped Denim Pant White Ripped Slim Denim Pant


Get Gigi Hadid’s whole outfits:

I also prepared 2 easy, casual, chic outfits of Gigi- one grey and one all black. What I love about both those looks is that they’re very clean yet super chic and stylish. I’d love to wear both of them!

The grey Gigi outfit

 photo shop-gigi-hadid-style-grey-outfit_zpsygquxgbx.png

1. „Skinny Jeans“2. Black Oversized Fashionable Sunglasses3. „Platino Block Over-the-knee Suede Boots“4. Turtleneck Crop Grey Sweater5. Iphoria Front Row Iphone 6 / 6S Case – Black/White

The all black Gigi outfit

 photo shop-gigi-hadid-style-leather-jacket_zpsk6c5tfdm.png

1.Rambler Jacket2. Studded Belt3. Black Skinny Pockets Denim Pant4. „T-shirt Show Off“5. „Suede Pumps“


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