Inspiration: Bahamas Girl

Inspiration: Bahamas Girl

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Sacha Kalis also known as Bahamas girl has amazed me with her insanely gorgeous photos. I first found her on Instagram (@_bahamasgirl_) maybe a year ago and since then I’ve been following her on social media. I’m such a beach lover and Sacha’s pictures are all about the beautiful beaches.  I’m a big fan of underwater photography and I don’t mean my underwater selfies with my iPhone (although, I was proud of them once :D) Sacha is Bahamas native and a marmaid in my opinion.

In this article I wanted to show you some of my favourite photos photos by the Bahamas girl, she is photographed by the mother Elena Kalis. What they create is work of art and those kind of pictures you’d use as screensaver or Facebook cover. If you haven’t seen their photos before you will be 100% amazed! You can check more of their work on Bahamas girl’s website

 photo 10598309_1625974420968072_2088610865_n_zpsmgzfwwy0.jpg

 photo 11186958_830177737076023_1257062451_n_zpsowt585iw.jpg

 photo 11427461_695980580506898_1794209191_n_zpszzlf8u4d.jpg

 photo 11380084_456060841232767_565396257_n_zpsmk3gtkgq.jpg

 photo 11356374_1850754018482064_1900321889_n_zpstuapaiud.jpg

 photo 11379697_477162099120367_1804761791_n_zpstdoh0q1z.jpg

 photo 11358268_901198316609306_20361411_n_zpsyjwmjrc0.jpg

 photo 11352345_824450287641757_271095695_n_zps1evpfsra.jpg

 photo 11335060_660151114129728_175993431_n_zpsjqxsujmb.jpg

 photo 11352152_851531664895498_1835929628_n_zpskauarcox.jpg

 photo 11327299_1620699871542527_1240636707_n_zpsre61swu6.jpg

 photo 11325289_833520356717973_942455916_n_zpsfg4kssza.jpg

 photo 11226837_831637596912228_979821207_n_zpskufffcqg.jpg

 photo 11280330_1618080141811634_1868925971_n_zps9n5ap7uv.jpg

 photo 11325900_381181365416203_1075392941_n_zpsbtfahgrx.jpg

 photo 11192925_399363380266366_1708161473_n_zpsebxjtaay.jpg

 photo 11311356_953484264708104_620700092_n_zpss5o0ktt4.jpg

 photo 11084968_619194171514665_281122439_n_zpszsy8pbm3.jpg

 photo 11116915_834141133346052_414839574_n_zpsakxofi4j.jpg

 photo 11176596_1666024823621163_2037036267_n_zpsrupx2euu.jpg

 photo 10724728_863315390408005_1043220893_n_zpsc5pqerci.jpg


photos: Instagram (@_bahamasgirl_)


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