How To Afford A China Tour Even If You’re Broke

How To Afford A China Tour Even If You’re Broke

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There’s tricks to finding the most affordable tour company around China. This article discusses how using tour companies can save you money when you are travelling.

Travelling when you’re broke is never easy but on the bright side, it sure keeps things adventurous. Since we are talking about broke travellers, I would like to relate my own personal experience where I was volunteering for free accommodation, cutting back on food as though the rations of World War 2 were kicking in again, and finding the ‘cheapest’ way to do possibly every tourist attraction.

When you are travelling with little money, there are many tricks you can learn to still make the most out of your trip. When heading to China, it’s important to know that things are a little pricier than other countries in Southeast. Asia. That being said, if you know the tricks and where to look you can save yourself a great deal of money.

Travelling around with little money can really make you resourceful. If you want to go on a tour around China and see your most coveted cultural sights, it normally takes some digging to find an affordable company. Locating a decent tour company that doesn’t charge over the roof to take you around China is perhaps easier than you might have thought. For example, runs a traveller-friendly tour company with practically every excursion imaginable. You may be wondering how hiring a tour company over doing it yourself can actually save you money however. If that’s the case, check out these facts:

  • Group discounts: If you are travelling with a group of friends or family, travel companies will often knock a considerable amount off the total price of your tour. There may even be room for bartering further! If the price is set though, remember to shop around before going with your final choice. If you are still wondering when to book your tour, click here to find out when the upcoming public holidays are so you can get the most out of your travels.
  • Can avoid costly mistakes: When travelling there’s no doubt you are vulnerable to a host of scams and cons. It’s not nice to assume this but it’s the reality. When travelling with a reputable tour company around china you are protected from all of this and are quoted a reasonable and transparent price from the start.
  • They use their connections to get you further discounts: Because long-standing travel companies have been running tours for decades, they have built strong relationships with many tourist hotspots. This means you will get better rates compared to if you were going somewhere by yourself.

Now you can see some of the cost-saving benefits you get when choosing a tour company, do some digging and get booking so your adventures around China can begin!


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