Clinique 3-step skin care

Clinique 3-step skin care

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A week ago I was for a walk in the mall and I entered the beauty shop- I can say that cosmetics are my second love(my first love are the clothes)! I’m very keen on make-up and I’m also interested in white cosmetics. When I stopped by the Clinique’s corner, without any idea what am I looking for, a consultant of the brand approached me and introduced me some of the newest stuff. She gave me samples of some cremes and the 3-step skin care system. I was very curious about the 3-step thing. It’s a package which includes cleanse with liquid facial soap, exfoliate and creme. There are 4 packages for four different types of skin. I took package number 2 because my skin is mixed. I started to do the 3 steps everyday, two times a day. The samples were enough for one week and I can say that I totally see the difference. My skin is softer and my face shines! It is sure- I’m totally going to buy the 3-step care!!!
These are the samples which I used. You can ask for them in any shop selling Clinique.
My skin is happy!!!


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