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On the rocks in Greece. Mamma mia beach, Skopelos Island. SHOPPING:  

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Greece does have some of the best beaches in Europe- crystal clear water, beautiful nature and gorgeous scenery. A few weeks ago we visited the...

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I just came back from Greece a few days ago. This year we visited Skopelos island- wild beaches, relaxing scenery, good food- all I...

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It's my second time in this gorgeous Spanish city full of colours, fun and beauty. I spent the weekend in Barcelona, wandering around the...

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Two sundays ago I visited for the second time one of the most gorgeous places in Bulgaria- The 7 Rila lakes. This place is...

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This is my last article from Greece (I think) and it's from one of my favourite beaches- Paradise beach on Thassos island. This wild beach...

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Sharing another post from Greece while packing again to go to the seaside. Those pictures are taken on Ammolofi Beach which I also visited 2...

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I still have many pictures from my vacation in Greece that I'd love to share on the blog. Today, I'm sharing my favourite beach...

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In this post, I'm sharing a few pictures that resume my activities on vacation- relaxing, swimming in natural sea lagoons caved in the rocks and...

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During our vacation in Greece, we spent two days on Thassos island. I’ve heard about the island a lot, but if I have to...

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I have this blog from almost 4 years and I've never made an article or a video sharing some personal details. I did share...