Beaches In Italy

Beaches In Italy

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Focus on: Days on the beach
I came back from my vacation in Italy one week ago and I already miss the seaside! These photos I’m showing you today, we shoot on a wild beach at the Adriatic sea. I totally loved this place, it’s so specific and beautiful and the water was so crystal and transparent. I really love exploring nature and moreover beaches- give me a beautiful beach and will be pleased and happy!
Actually, this day we went to three different beaches and all of them were really nice, but I liked this one the most for the pictures, the rocks inside the transparent water make this place really charming and special. Anyway, I’m not going to miss the beach for too long as tomorrow I’m leaving for the seaside again! We’re going to celebrate my cousin’s bachelorette party and it’s going to be a great time for sure! 20 girls on the seaside can never go wrong!
 photo 10544776_10203714236169510_5440072414889817215_n_zps02eb114c.jpg  photo 10411011_10203714240889628_3734525508175960572_n_zps47f43201.jpg  photo 10565105_10203714233089433_1220224244584701697_n_zps0f208b1f.jpg  photo 10574244_10203714233889453_2829423470333780156_n_zps8934eb7e.jpg  photo 12506_10203714231889403_7277030517190690390_n_zps93cf2b6e.jpg  photo 1902830_10203714223769200_2615495490718476750_n_zps5f7b5f71.jpg  photo 10449952_10203714226249262_5303940015728680199_n_zps8539be14.jpg  photo 1521708_10203714238529569_426593909724535587_n_zpsf08fa806.jpg  photo 10409666_10203714240049607_3220641533616912921_n_zpsf3a35eaa.jpg  photo 1932246_10203714228889328_176634686778952221_n_zpsfcde38aa.jpg  photo 10485843_10203714245209736_2908127886132135501_n_zps7a722704.jpg
swimsuit- H&M;
top- Mango;
sunglasses- Celine;


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