These days, there are more choices for wedding bands than ever before especially when it comes to the selection of men’s wedding bands. From the setting, to the design, and the variety of precious metals, it seems that finding a ring has gotten rather complex. What’s more, wedding band trends seem to indicate that more and more couples are turning to alternative metals instead of the more conventional gold, silver, and platinum. In particular, palladium has become a really popular choice owing to its durability and practical benefits.

Palladium Is More Affordable Than Gold or Platinum

When it comes to choosing wedding rings, budget has to play a significant role and palladium are significantly more affordable than platinum which is usually sold based on its weight and can cost close to double the price of palladium. What’s more, palladium’s patina or its natural finish is so much easier to maintain which means there is less need for expensive professional maintenance and cleaning. Be sure to check out the selection of palladium wedding rings The Beautiful Company have on offer.

Palladium Has a More Secure Setting for Precious Stones

If you absolutely love the idea of adding gemstones or diamonds to a palladium wedding ring, you will not have to worry about them falling out or becoming loose even if you lead a rather active lifestyle. Fortunately, palladium has more or less the same durability as platinum for a mere fraction of the cost. What’s more, prongs that are made of palladium are a lot sturdier compared to those made of silver or white gold.

Great for Sensitive Skin and Hypoallergenic

Did you know that palladium is about 95% pure with just 5% being alloys? That means, if you have highly sensitive skin, palladium is a much safer choice for you over white gold or silver, especially since you will probably wear your wedding band every day.

More Lightweight Yet Sturdier Than Platinum

Palladium tends to be almost as sturdy as its expensive counterpart, platinum. But, it is also a whole lot lighter besides the fact that it is approximately 12% harder. This means it is an ideal metal for adding precious stones to and for someone who would prefer a more comfortable and lighter ring.

Palladium Has Natural White Properties

Surveys conducted within the jewellery industry have revealed that men tend to prefer white precious metals over yellow. Palladium has a naturally occurring white property, where as white gold is treated with rhodium plating to get rid of its yellow traces.

Easy to Look After

Since palladium has those naturally white properties, over time it will develop a lovely patina which doesn’t require very much maintenance. White gold, on the other hand, needs more upkeep, budding, and polishing. Palladium, however, will be just fine with a six-monthly clean.

Rarer Than Other Metals

Finally, despite how affordable palladium is, it is actually rarer than gold or platinum.

If you are on a budget but still want a sensational wedding ring, it’s time to consider palladium!


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