50 Shades Of Me

50 Shades Of Me

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I have this blog from almost 4 years and I’ve never made an article or a video sharing some personal details. I did share some things with you in each post, but nothing as big as this article! Now with the launching of the new web design, I’ve decided to share some stories and interesting things about me and this blog.

At first, I was thinking about making a video but I wanted to say so many things, so this would probably be a movie! So, here are the 50 things about me and my blog that I love sharing with you!

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About me:
  1. I was born in Italy in 1992, my mother is Bulgarian and my father is Italian. I grew up in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Plovidiv is the second big city in Bulgaria. You might have heard about it, because Plovdiv will be the capital of culture of Europe in 2019. When I finished high school, I moved to Sofia in order to go to University. Now I’m going home in Plovdiv at least every month and I spend my summers in Italy.


  1. When I was picking university, I had to think what is most interesting to me and what I want to do with my life. Of corse that is fashion, but you may be aware of the fact that Bulgaria is not a fashion capital and the only option to study something fashion connected here is design. And I’m not a designer, I love fashion and I love writing, so I’ve decided that I would go closer to my dream if I study jourmalism, so I would be able to work in a fashion magazine. That was my only desire and I applied to only 2 universities in Sofia that have journalism. My parents were freaked out, because the places for students who want to learn journalism are very restricted (30 girls and 30 boys in each university) and they wanted me to chose a second option just in case I couldn’t get what I wanted. But I said no. I won’t sign in an univerity just because I can tell everyone that I’m studying if I’m not interested in the subject (like most people in Bulgaria do). My exam was essay and oral and I got the highest mark possible on both which is 6 in Bulgaria, or an A in the States (I don’t know every country has different evalutation). And I entered in the university I want among the 6 first girls in the country. I’m bragging hehe


  1. I did many activities since I was a child. I was doing ballet, gymnastics and tennis for one day lol. I was very pasionated about acting. When I was still 9 years old I joined my first acting club and soon I appeared on TV in a children’s show that was famous by that time. A show that was made from children for children. A few years later the show finished and my acting career was down for some years :D When I was in high school 17-18 years old I joined another acting club and played in the theatre. Then I moved in Sofia and now my acting career is down again :D Acting is the second thing after fashion that I’m really pasionate about. I might have given it up two times, but who knows, I might be back soon ;)


  1. I love learning foreign languages. I speak English (obviously :D), Italian, French and Bulgarian of corse. I’m writing my blog only in English for some reasons- I want to reach everyone around the world who is interested in what I’m writing, it’s faster to write in only one language, and my mother languages are two, so having to post in three languages is quite difficult.


    1. I can sing, but I’m really shy to sing in front of people, so the only person who knows that I can sing is myself and my shower. And it’s probably going to stay that way. Lol.

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  1. When I was a child and we still had to watch movies on video tapes, my favorite movie was “Beauty and the beast”. It was so favorite that I used to watch it.. every day! We used to watch tons of movies at home before sleeping and we were visiting the video library every day. So, I was just giving back “Beauty and the beast” and then getting it back again. And one day after a few months the owner of the video library finaly have gifted me the tape, so I could watch it over and over again every day for years. I used to know every single word and song from the movie. I must confess that I still like watching my favorite movies over and over again, well, not every day, but still from time to time J


  1. Last year I was an intern in the biggest television in Bulgaria- bTV, for three months. It was very interesting to meet all the people I’m watching on TV from years and learn everything about journalism from them. One of the interns jobs was to welcome the guests for the morning show, and make sure that they enter the show on schedule, soI had the oppurtunity to share a small talk with many politicians, singers, actors and many other interesting famous and infamous people. It was a great experience. I have to say that the most communicative were the politicians which actually was a surprise to me. They are very natural and could talk to me half an hour, asking me different questions and answering mine, while the stars were a little bit more.. stars. The work in television is very dynamic and everyone is very busy- I loved it.


  1. I love taking pictures since very young age. When I was a child I used to dress up and pose for photos. I do this now for the blog- some things never change! Looking back at my photos, I also have noticed that I loved making selfies as well. And I still do- selfies are cool, no matter what haters say ;) haha


  1. My first pet was a parrot named Lucky. I received it as a gift for my first day at school in first grade. He was my best friend, at home I used to play with him every day and never got bored with him, even when I grew up. Parrots from his breed live 7-8 years, but Lucky was lucky enough to live 12! He was very loved and I was heartbroken when he died. I love animals and I’d love to have a cat or a dog but I don’t really have much time to look after a pet right now. But I might one day J


  1. When I was in the kindergarden, we used to recite poems for the festival at the end of the year. Of corse we were practicing a lot every day, so I was listening to every one’s poems over and over again. So, at the end of the day when I was coming back home, I used to recite the poems of every child from the kindergarden to my mom, with their voices and gestures..

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 About the blog:
  1. The summer of 2011, I was in Italy reading a fashion magazine on the beach. There was an article about Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook and her achivements. There were also other bloggers in this article but she made me the biggest impression. A few months later I’ve decided to create Marta’s Fashion Diary and I kinda got addicted!


12. When I started the blog I wasn’t going to launch a professional content but my thoughts about fashion and some of my outfits. I love writing in the blog so much, because I can’t say that my friends and people around me are very interested in fashion and it’s nice to find many people from all around the world who share the same passions as I do. Here I’m talking to you about inspirations and about fashion and you understand me, I love that.


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  1. I think it was the summer of 2012, I’m not sure but probably, when I was thinking about giving up the blog. I was on a vacation and I got bored for a while, I didn’t post anything on the blog for a month. Then I came back home and I gave it a thought. I gave myself two options- close the blog and never come back, or try my best to make it more professional and follow my dreams. I chose number two, and I’m not sorry for a second!


  1. I have to confess that Marta’s Fashion Diary wasn’t the first name I chose for the blog. I remember that I made a list with cool names and when I registered in Blogger and tried these names, they were already taken. So, I’ve decided that I want to include the word “fashion” and then I have to take something from my name (Martina is too long) so I can avoid all those taken names and since I wanted it to be personal, I added “diary”.


  1. I follow a lot of other bloggers- popular and new ones and I get mainly inspiration from them. I used to buy every fashion magazine that existed, but now I’m not buying any. I think that fashion blogs are the future of fashion journalism.


  1. I’ve decided to include the Eiffel Tower in the name of my new web design, because I love Paris and it’s the best fashion capital ever!


  1. I’m usually taking the photos for the blog at the weekends and as much as I want to write and prepare all the articles and just publish them during the week- that never happens!


  1. I’m always having different ideas about outfits and photoshots in my head, like all the time- I barely remember all of them.


    1. Patience is very important key for having a blog. Don’t worry if your blog is not having many comments or views- this takes time!

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 Food, hobbies, lifestyle:
  1. I’m not bragging but I finished a hard one month diet for 1 day, 5 hours and 33 minutes lol.


  1. As much as I love food, like most of the girls, I’m constatly “on a diet”. Now, I’m trying just to mix food right and I’m avoiding dinner- it’s working!


  1. Chocolate is like a drug to me, I can’t survive a day without eating something sweet, even when I was on serious diets. It might be one bar of chocolate but I need it. Ok, I survived about 2 or 3 days without sweets, once!


  1. I love Italian kitchen- Pizza is way too good. I also love Bulgarian kitchen- we have some really good meat recepies. And I fell in love with French kitchen definitely, when I was in Paris, damn this city, even the food was stylish somehow!


  1. I always start my day with fruits, this gives me a good dose of energy! Then I don’t eat more fruits during the day. When you eat them after lunch or dinner this actually makes you fat, so it’s better to finish with a chocolate bar.


  1. I love avocado and I put it everywhere!


    1. I like cooking and I’m a good cook. When I get inspired I can cook super gala gurmet dinner even for myself only. Anyway, this inspiration usually comes once or twice a month, so I’m mostly satisfying with a salad, or I order food.

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  1. I like going out with friends and family, I live alone, so when I’m out I like being surrounded with people. I love trying new restaurants, going to the movies, theatres and so on. I also love partying and usually you can find me in the most popular clubs in Sofia dancing until sunrise. At winter I’m trying to go out at night at least once or twice a week. At summer it’s almost every night.


  1. I love training and at summer I usually go running at the park almost every day. I also like swimming which I also do at summer. At winter I’m getting lazy, but I still go to the gym or some aerobics during the week.


  1. I have a beauty routine that I usually do before I go to sleep. I use Decléor products- the cream is the top! My face is really hydrated 24 hours after applying the cream.


    1. I’m trying to make some masks to my hair at least once a week. I can’t say that I keep these promises every time, and that is because during the week, I wash my hair very fast before going to sleep. When I have time I usually apply olive oil extra virgin and an egg, you should stay at least 2 or 3 hours with this mask and then the hair is shiny like in a shampoo commercial.

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 About fashion:
  1. Fashion is so much more that just dressing up. It’s an art and it’s fun. I love it for many reasons- I love beautiful things and some clothes and accessories are really pieces of art, the best part is that you can wear this art on yourself. And I will fight until my last breath with the people who say that fashion is stypid and “not serious”. Duh.


  1. I love more feminine styles, like dresses and heels, but I’m not wearing that all the time. I like changing my style and it usually depends on my mood. Sometimes I can change so much that people can’t recognize me the first few seconds. Haha, I love the confuson in their faces actually!


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  1. From all style icons nowadays, I can say that my favorite is Olivia Palermo- I’ve never seen her wearing an ugly outfit! And she looks just so elegant and fresh- I love that. I also like Rihanna very much- but sometimes her outfits are not really in my taste. But as I said only sometimes, otherwise she is gorgeous.


  1. My favorite style icons of all the time are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hapburn. They are very different, but both very charming and inspiring.


  1. My favorite piece of clothing is the dress- I have really many dresses and at summer I usually can’t stand pants or jeans, so I’m mostly wearing dresses. It’s much easier, you just put it and you look gorgeous, no need to wonder with what to combine it.


  1. My favorite designer houses are Dolce&Gabbana, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Elie Saab, Moschino and in the last few years I love Burberry as well. My favorite brand is Zara- I usually find myself wearing Zara from head to toe. I aslo like Mango, Guess and H&M.


  1. I wish some girls would stop removing their eyebrows and drawing new ones. The world would be a better place.


    1. Seriously, I’m more interested in what photoshot my favorite bloggers would do than the photoshots in the magazines. I still review some editorials of corse, but I’m more curious about seeing fashion on bloggers.

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  1. I have a huge collection of Vogue magazines at home. There are some magazines that my mom have bought when I was a little, they are my age lol


    1. I can’t decide if people who go out wearing pyjamas have given up on life, or are living it to the fullest. :D

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 My favorite:
  1. My favorite colour is pink.


  1. My favorite movies of all the time are “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Gone with the wind”, “I origins”, „Savages“ and “The devil wears Prada”. Oh, and I also like watching “Mean girls” :D


  1. My favorite TV show of all is “Gossip girl”- yeah, I watched it more than once.


  1. My favorite meal is Caesar salad- I’ve tried it in every restaurant I’ve been to.


  1. My favorte sweets are the french Macarons.


    1. My favorite drinks are red wine, coca cola and water. I also like drinking tea in the morning. I don’t drink coffe and I don’t smoke.

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  1. My favorite city in the world is probably Paris. I also liked Beijing very much and Italy is beautiful. My dream destinations are the Maldives and the United States- I’d love to visit New York and Los Angeles.


    1. My favorte place to be is the beach- definitely! I’d love to live in a city with a beach and constant summer <3

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  1. My favorite holiday is Christmas- I love the presents, the food and most of all I love being with my favorite people celebrating.


  1. My next step: this is always a mystery!

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