5 Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under 100$

5 Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under 100$

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    The wedding day is an important event many girls are looking forward to with excitement. And yes, it’s just one day which you will plan with months and most probably spend a fortune. Nowadays, we notice that more and more couples stick to more “casual” weddings. By casual I mean without the whole pompous party that will last a few hours and a big expensive gown that you will wear once. Anyway, everyone has his/her own taste and it’s amazing that now we have the option to create our own traditions. Fashion icon Olivia Palermo for example married in sweater and tulle skirt and that was a very interesting and original idea.

    In this article I’m showing you 5 beautiful wedding dresses from Promtimes.co.uk that are on sale and affordable for EVERYONE, cause they are under 100$! The best part is that these dresses are from good quality materials and look really pretty, there is one dress for every kind of bride:

    Chic and sexy wedding dress

    It’s perfect for brides who want to look chic and sexy on their wedding day. The back of the dress is really gorgeous and it will look amazing with a bun.

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    Simple wedding dress

    A dress for all brides who want to keep it simple and clean. You can also add some statement accessories or fancy shoes to make this look more glamorous.

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    Two piece soft pink dress

    This two piece dress is the perfect choice for a fashionable bride. If you’re not much into the traditional white dress, this piece is just for you.

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    The vintage wedding dress

    This wedding dress is very simple, clean and looks beautifully vintage. If you’re a fan of vintage stuff, organizing a wedding in such style is a great idea and this dress with perfectly fit in.

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    The princess wedding dress

    And for those girls who always dreamed of the traditional, magical princess dress, here it is. I love the sparkling belt on it, this dress is a pure perfection- I can’t even believe that it’s worth less than 100$.

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