Are you thinking about buying a new designer authentic handbag but you having hard time to decide which bag would be the ideal choice for you? No worries. After reading this article you will know exactly what you need to know to make the right choice. You just need to follow 4 simple tips or better said answer 4 questions. So let’s look at the questions that you need to ask yourself before spending a fortune on an authentic bag that you will not even like.

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1. What is your personal style?

Are you casual, classic or super trendy woman? Do you work all day and go for meetings throughout the day? Or are you a housewife or stay at home mom chasing the kids? We all have different personal styles. You need to choose a handbag that will definitely fit with your lifestyle. Your authentic handbag will definitely complement your overall look so you need to choose wisely.

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2. What do you carry in your handbag every day?

If you take with you only the basic essentials, you might be ok with a wristlet or a clutch. If you are looking for a bag to carry your laptop, lunch and maybe some files, a tote would be the best choice. Your regular daily activities will provide you a good guidance in terms of the size of the bag you really need…

3. What’s your body type?

Your body type plays an important role by selecting the ideal authentic handbag. Always pick a bag that is opposite of your body shape. Long, slim, and structured purses work best with women who are curvier. But if you are slim, and tall, a round handbag would be the complement for you.

4. What is most important to you in your handbag?

Think about your own preference. Do you prefer bags with lots of pockets, clean shape or more slouchy? Do you want something roomier or smaller and compact? There is a wide selection of materials available but from my point of view leather would fulfil all the requirements – long lasting and goes with every outfit.

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Color is also an important aspect by authentic handbag selection. You can never go wrong with black, brown or cream bag.  Depending on the season you might pick different handbag colors.

We are all different, with diverse tastes but we have one thing in common. We love shopping especially authentic handbag shopping. Don’t forget to ask yourself those couple questions when looking for a bag and you will make the wise decision guaranteed. Enjoy Your Handbag Shopping.

Some bags come with small jeweller’s tool so the changing of the straps is easy. There are a whole range of bags available online so that you can shop according to your taste. Find a handbag that is a safe choice and is colour neutral so that you can wear it with multiple dresses and not restrict yourself too much. Safe choices are always beige and cream colours.

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