10 Things We Learned From Chiara Ferragni About Fashion&Style

10 Things We Learned From Chiara Ferragni About Fashion&Style

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Chiara Ferrani from The Blonde Salad is definitely one of the most successful bloggers in the world. Her perfect style and ability to make every outfit look chic make her the favorite 21st century style icon of every fashionista. I’m following her from years and I have seen her in really many different looks, her style is always getting better and she’s becoming more successful every single day. If we can say that being fashionable is a factor that you just have in yourself and you’re born with it then Chiara definitely has a lot of this fashion factor.

After years of observation I’m able to see what the blonde blogger have taught us about fashion and style. In this article I’ve decided to share with you the 10 best advices we can take from Chiara Ferragni’s style. She obviously is a fashion fenomenon- she can make every outfit look chic and make you wanna wear it. And her outfits always looks so effortless and fresh.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Chiara Ferragni about fashion and style:

1. Play with different styles

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Chiara usually likes mixing different styles in one outfit and that makes them so interesting and fashionable. She can put a military blazer on vintage jeans with a white shirt and plateau shoes and that looks amazing. Mixing styles can also be a disaster sometimes but as we see it’s worth the try. Which leads us to the second fashion advice.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment

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Fashion is fun, it’s playing with your clothes and accessories, playing with your looks. You don’t have to be afraid to experiment and take fashion risks, if you like what you’re wearing then be confident about it. Fashion is not forthright, there isn’t a formula about what would look fashionable on you and what not. You can create your fashion formula by trying different things, experimenting with your looks, just like Chiara does.

3. Casual can be chic

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One very important thing that the it girl from The Blonde Salad have taught us is that you can be casual and chic in the same time. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable heels and clothes all the time in order to look stylish. There are many ways in feeling comforatble with your clothes and in the same time being absolutely fashionable and chic. One item can change the whole outfit- a fancy bag or interesting shoes or some piece of clothing can make the casual outfit look fashionable. Chiara gives us such examples all the time.

4. Be a style chameleon

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As I already said fashion is fun and you’re free to change. It’s one of the fashion matras that I lean on. The thing is that you can find fashion inspiration every day in different places from different people- one day you want to be a hollywood diva then be that! The other day you want to be a rock queen- be that! But of corse always keep a part of your style and identity. Chiara Ferragni is always changing, but you can see her personality in every outfit- that’s one of her many talents.

5. Elegant outfits look good with sneakers

 photo 5_zpswdzgvqrs.png

I can say that Chiara is the biggest fan of this trend showed by Chanel two years ago. We see her wearing elegant dresses with sneakers many times and she rocks this trend every time.

6. Mixing haute couture and cheap brands is totally cool

 photo 6_zpssnbgmlgg.png

That’s something that all bloggers do in general- mixing designer clothes or accessories with cheaper brands. Chiara does it really good. For example, she can put vintage Levi’s jeans with Louis Vuitton backpack.

7. Accessories make the outfit


 photo 7_zpsblojd8al.png

Accessories are a really important part of the outfit. Miss Ferragni usually combines every outfit with a fancy bag or pair of shoes. Her shoe collection is very different and fresh, the shoes are original and fashionable- definitely shoes that make a statement.

8. Great hair great life

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Chiara shared in some of her interviews that she is not very good at making her hair and make up alone, so she’s usually touched by professionalists. Anyway, her hair is always a pure perfection. And I’ve noticed in her looks but also in other people’s looks and even mine that hair and make up are sometimes even more important than the outfit. I mean if the hair is not perfection, your look can’t be too. And if can’t afford to go to the beauty salon all the time, then you can always find some time to practice and experiment with your hair and make up.

9. Play with colors

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Colors can really make your outfit look fresh and fancy. Whether you’d like to wear an outfit all in one color or do some color blocking or just go simple with some basic colors- all of that is ok. Try different patterns and play with colors. That is something that Chiara does in every of her outfits and they always look so fresh and stylish.

10. Love what you’re wearing!

 photo 10_zps3qnjmv6h.jpg

 photo 10 2_zpszf6ghhut.jpg

That is the most important lesson of all. What makes Chiara so successful and chrming is that she’s always so confident with what she’s wearing. You can see it in her face that she’s happy and she feels good in her clothes- and happy girls are the pretties girls!

photos: www.theblondesalad.com



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  1. I must admit that I loved her style when she lived in Italy (2 years ago?). She inspired me so much. Now she is also beautiful and amazing, but sometimes her style looks artificial. Not for „the normal girls“.
    But I must say that your post is really perfect, you write so great, that I really enjoy reading this ;)) Are you working in some fashion magazine? I think that you should think about it ;) Beautiful blog ;)


  2. I like Chiara Ferragni too. She’s so pretty and her style is interesting….. well, sometimes is strange but that is normal for fashion blogger. :)

  3. I have never been a huge fan of her, but I accept she has amazing sense of style! Thank You for sharing such a nice inspiring post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  4. Wow this post is amazing! I have to say every one of those facts is true. Chiara is no matter what people say a true inspiration and everyone can learn something from her. Thank you for sharing! xoxo Vanessa

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