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I'm wearing: skirt-; top- Zara; hat- Gosha Rubchinskiy; shoes&bag- Michel; Shop this look:  

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It's my second time in this gorgeous Spanish city full of colours, fun and beauty. I spent the weekend in Barcelona, wandering around the...

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If you’re considering adding a new piece of jewellery to your collection, you should consider buying antique jewellery. Antique jewellery encompasses a vast range...

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I'm wearing: blouse- Zara; jeans- H&M; bag- Valentino; shoes&sunglasses- local shop; Shop this look:

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You’ve already got her the perfect engagement ring, now it’s time to find the perfect wedding band. Here’s our guide to a few things...

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First of all, Happy Easter everyone! Hope you're spending a beautiful day with your beloved ones! How do you celebrate Easter in your part...

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Since my blog is about street style fashion, I usually take pictures outside, where the main idea is to show off different combinations of...

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These days, there are more choices for wedding bands than ever before especially when it comes to the selection of men’s wedding bands. From...

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  I'm wearing: coat- leggings- Zara; sweater- H&M; bag- Celine; shoes- Michel; sunglasses- Dior; Shop this look: